The Cana Green brand has been registered in the German trademark register DPMA since 2021.
Cana-Green specializes in providing eco-friendly packaging solution to businesses. We use natural ingredients like sugarcane to make packaging products, such as lunch box, sushi box, burger box, paper bag, and coffee glass among other things. Our services especially cater to the needs of environmentally conscious companies.
Our packaging solution is 100% organic, safe and CO2-neutral. And, we have a wide selection of packaging products to meet specific needs of businesses.

Renewable Raw Materials

What makes us different is that we recycle, upgrade and repurpose waste to make new products. For instance, most of our products are made from sugarcane waste. Bagasse made from sugarcane is mixed with other green materials to create durable and eco- friendly packaging products. Apart from sugarcane, we also use palm leaves and cardboard to make packaging products.

Sustainable Forestry

We source our organic raw materials from reliable sources. We source our materials from suppliers who ensure sustainable forestry. We also use recycled materials to create durable and reliable products. This aligns with companies that have strict green policy. Our team is dedicated to providing sustainable solution that will benefit everyone, from buyers and sellers to the environment and people in general.

Biodegradable, and Cost-effective Solution

We specialize in providing biodegradable packaging solution to a variety of businesses. Our products are heat, and water resistant. A wide range of food and beverages can be stored in it. The packaging products are a durable take-away packaging solution. We also specialize in providing cost-effective solution to companies.
Our Cana Green products are in sync with latest green requirements. We use the best methods and technology to ensure that we meet specific needs.
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