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At Cana-Green, we take every step to ensure protection of your personal data very seriously. We ensure confidential personal data handling and it is done according to the data protection regulations and this privacy policy. We also ensure complete transparency of privacy policy and data handling. Make sure that you go through the points carefully.

By using the website, you agree to Terms & Condition of the website including Privacy Policy. You are free to disagree with the terms & conditions, privacy policy and stop using the website at any point.

Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is designed to provide you with details and explain how data is collected, used and processed. During your stay on the website, various personal data are collected. Our Privacy Policy explains what kind of data is collected and for what purposes. It also explains what type of data are shared by third-parties for marketing and advertising purposes. Rest assured that we will never hare sensitive data like your card number/passwords or details related to your account.

We also want to state that we cannot ensure 100% protection of data transferred on the internet. All safety precautions are taken to ensure complete safety of data. But data transfer on the internet comes with security vulnerabilities, like when communicating by email.

1. Data Collection & Processing

Various data are collected while using the website. This data is used for processing, which is a very common step when using a website. For instance, when you visit any website, it automatically collects and saves information that your browser automatically sends to the website. The same goes for our website.

Data collected includes:
• IP address
• Date and time

• Referrer URL
• Host name of the accessing computer
• Browser type and browser version
• Operating system and its interface

This is the necessary part of using of the website, so its non-negotiable.

2. Cookies
Cookies are essential for the functioning of the website. They are small text files saved by your browser and stored on your computer. Storing cookies are essential for making the website more efficient, secure and user-friendly. Note that they do not cause any harm to your computer or contain viruses.
Consent is required before cookies are stored, and you will be notified about it. You will also find information on privacy policy, to make things easier.

3. Data Collected to Open an Account, Contact form etc.
Cana-Green is an online selling packaging product. For this purpose, data is collected for opening your account, or when you want to contact us via Contact Form, or when commenting, writing reviews and for other purposes. Following data is collected in this regard:
• User’s name
• User’s email address
• Country of origin
• Subject
• Optional: Age
• Optional: Gender
• Optional: Current profession
• Date and time when the contact was accepted
• And more
Before information is saved or processed, your content will be taken. Data is saved to make processing easier. You can choose to delete your account and data with it.

4. Online Transactions

Online payment is allowed on the website via reliable payment gateway. During the processing, you will have to provide information like card number details, and others.
We only use reliable third-party payment gateway, and do not take responsibility for incorrect data entry or failed transactions. Users have to use their discretion when agreeing to use this method of payment.

5. Change to Our Privacy Policy
Cana-Green reserved the right to make any changes/updates to our Privacy Policy regarding data collection, processing and protection. Rest assured that whatever changes that are made will be according to the current legal requirements. Therefore, make sure that you visit this page for update on polices. We may notify the users about any changes regarding our Privacy Policy via email or on the website.
Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any query. We are happy to help in any way.

 Website – www.cana-green.de
 Email – info@cana-green.de
 Phone – 0176/84741058/ +49 (0) 157 / 589 222 15

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