• For cold drinks
  • Made of PLA
  • Biodegradable (DIN 13432)
  • Petroleum Free

Biodegradable disposable cups for serving cold drinks

Same appearance with eco-friendly charm. At first glance, our PLA cups look like classic to-go cups – but there’s so much more behind them. The material of the cup, PLA, is produced on the basis of corn starch. When the cup is made , only oil – free and renewable raw materials are used .

The cups are just as comfortable to hold as conventional disposable cups. Whether it’s a cool beer or a refreshing fruit juice: the PLA cups can be filled with drinks up to 40 °C . Even after use, the cups can be disposed of without hesitation, because PLA is naturally biodegradable .

  • Temperature range – 20 °C to + 40 °C
  • You can find the right lids in the “Accessories” slider
  • Produkt Höhe (mm): 131
  • Füllvolumen (ml): 400
  • Füllvolumen (oz): 16
  • Produkt Durchmesser oben (mm): 95
  • Produkt Durchmesser unten (mm): 60
  • Packaging unit width (mm): 390
  • Length packaging unit (mm): 390
  • Height packaging unit (mm): 615
  • Weight per packaging unit (kg): 11.7
  • RRP in VE: 16
  • EAN: 4260643572579
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