Quadratisches Palmware®-Dipschälchen (1000 Stück)

SKU: TW-SN7-PT-00010-04


1000 vorrätig

Our mini dip bowls made of palm leaves are a real must-have for the attentive hospitality of your guests. Your ecological conscience can sit back and relax. The small bowls are made from the stem of betel nut palm leaves. On the betel nut plantations, the leaves are merely a by-product of betel nut production. The shells are formed from the whole leaf under pressure and heat. Finally, they are polished and deburred. After use, you can easily dispose of the dip bowls as organic waste or compost. Such a small bowl could not be more sustainable and ecologically valuable!

  • bowl square
  • High strength
  • Light weight
  • Well stackable
  • Natural grain
  • Grease Resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Compostable according to DIN 13432
  • Made in a socially exemplary manner
  • BSCI qualified

The mini dip bowls make a powerful impression. Your guests will surely want to know what the dip, ketchup, mustard or other sauces they are being served with. On your buffet, many a little something changes 100% hygienically on the plate of your guests. Spices and a wide variety of toppings can also be offered perfectly in this way. These mini bowls made of palm leaves are often used in upscale catering, for dishes from modern food trucks and at large private or public events. Round off your range or start from scratch with the dip bowls – your customers will be delighted.

Note on proper use: Palm leaf tableware is intended for immediate enjoyment of food. Longer standing times before consumption could possibly soften the dishes. An impairment of the taste (like hay or wood) of the food could be a consequence. As a precaution, soups should therefore not be poured in more than 15 minutes before consumption. Moist or very greasy food can even be opened without hesitation 30 minutes before consumption. Dry food, on the other hand, can also be stored in palmware for a longer period of time. We recommend that you check the suitability of your food with regard to possible filling times. This is very easy to do by ordering a sample.

  • Product width (mm): 50
  • Product Height (mm): 19
  • Product Length (mm): 50
  • Filling volume (ml): 15
  • Fill Volume (oz): 0.5
  • Max. filling volume (ml): 20
  • Packaging unit width (mm): 297
  • Length packaging unit (mm): 472
  • Height packaging unit (mm): 218
  • Weight per packaging unit (kg): 3.578
  • RRP in PU: 40
  • EAN: 4260535396825
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